The simple and elegant drawing app for Mac®

Patina® is the highest rated Microsoft® Paint replacement app in the Mac App Store.

Patina is great for a wide variety of work and personal needs, including sketching an idea, drawing a diagram, illustrating a concept, or painting a picture.

Patina can also be used as a basic image management tool for cropping, rotating, resizing, and saving photos as a different file type.

If you've used Microsoft Paint, you'll find that Patina, with its simple tools and intuitive color management, is as easy to use as Paint, if not easier, and has additional really useful features, including rotation of objects at any angle, transparent image saving. and more.

As a Mac user accustomed to attractive, well-designed software, you'll appreciate Patina's appealing interface and user-friendly design.

Unlike most other Paint-like apps that are derivations of an open source program, Patina was designed and built from scratch in the US with great care to be as easy to use as possible.

We're confident that you'll find Patina to be the best simple painting, drawing, and sketching app in the Mac App Store.

Patina was recently updated with some great enhancements, including two new types of arrow tools and line tools, more control over fixed degree increments for rotation of shapes and selections, improved eye dropper color sampling, an optional checkerboard transparent canvas, the capability to open/import PSD (with non-layered view), PDF, AI, and PS files, user-configurable DPI settings, and full macOS Sierra compatibility.

Note: Patina is not a vector app, does not have layers, and does not allow you to manipulate already drawn objects in the same way that you can in a layout app like Pages or a presentation app like Keynote or PowerPoint.

The Patina Story

In response to the often heard remark "I love my Mac, but I wish it had something like Paint," we evaluated currently available drawing apps for Mac. We found many complicated apps for doing sophisticated illustrations, but we did not find any apps for doing simple drawings and sketches that we felt were truly excellent. Many of the more simple apps we found were based on the Paintbrush open source code, which is not a very appealing replacement for Paint.

With the realization that there was no currently existing app that could satisfactorily fulfill the role of "Paint for Mac", our team in California and Washington set out to develop a simple drawing app from scratch that would delight Mac users. We didn't want to rush Patina to market, and we knew it couldn't be hacked together in a fortnight, but the journey ended up being longer than anticipated. More than a year of hard work went into making sure the app was up to the standard that Mac users should expect in terms of visual appeal, user-friendliness, performance, and quality.

Throughout the development process, we adhered to a very thorough testing process, and we only launched Patina once we were confident that most major bugs were already found and eliminated. Please let us know how we did. If you like Patina, reviews in the Mac App Store are much appreciated. If you found a bug or encountered any other problems, please give us a shout at

Adorn your Mac with the best app for making simple drawings and sketches.
Download Patina now exclusively from the Mac App Store.
Requires OS X 10.8 or later
Optimized for Retina Display
Crafted with care in California and Washington.
Quality assurance and testing assistance by CodeFinesse.